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We’re Lauren & Katie

We’re food allergy moms, we’re friends, and we’re here for you. Between the two of us, we manage peanut, tree nut, sesame, and egg allergies, a rare banana allergy, and a dairy allergy that has since been outgrown.

We’ve learned a lot along the way, especially how important it was to have someone else (another food allergy mom) who really understands what you’re going through, because they are living it too.

When we became friends, we quickly realized how much we had needed the support of another food allergy mom.

This blog was designed to share that friendship with you.

We hope you find some encouragement, support, ideas, and really, just the company of two other moms trying to figure this out and who really do understand. <3

Encouragement, resources, tips, ideas, and support for raising littles with
food allergies from two moms who’ve been there.


The Food Allergy is Not Your Fault, Mom

It is not your fault.   Read that again and let your soul rest in that truth. It is NOT your fault. If you are desperately searching the internet right now for information after your child’s recent food allergy diagnosis, then I hope you read this post. I want you to read it because I have been where…

No, I’m Not Thankful for Food Allergies

A few weeks ago, I was running late trying to get my oldest child to her afternoon art class. As I was buckling my kids into their carseats, I hurriedly asked them the same question I always ask when we leave our home. “Alright everyone, what do we need to have before leaving the house?”…

Food Allergy Boundaries & The Holidays

“Well, I’ve always brought a dish in the past, and I will continue to bring whatever I want.” – A Very Stubborn Personality Last year, around Christmas, we attended several holiday parties. One event threw a “grinch” into our carefully crafted food allergy safety plans. It was quite a large gathering, with over 20 people…

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Food Allergy Mom?

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Kids With Food Allergies


We’re So Glad You’re Here

Food Allergy Mom is here to get into the day-to-day of raising littles with food allergies. We are not medical experts. We are not allergists. We’re moms. And we had a LOT of questions about how to navigate life with littles and food allergies.

Everything from how to handle birthday parties, playgrounds, holidays, grocery shopping and what to do when squirrels are leaving peanuts in our yard, we’ve wondered about, and we figured you have too.

This blog is a compilation of what we’ve experienced and learned to hopefully let you know you’re not alone, and offer more resources and ideas for how to navigate the world of allergies for your family.

We’re happy you’re here!

Lauren & Katie

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