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Meet Lauren

Mom of 2 amazing littles who also have food allergies <3

I stepped into the world of food allergies when my oldest was 8 months old. Everything I thought I knew about cooking for my family, eating at restaurants, social gatherings, basically anything with food, was flipped on its head. Maybe you feel that way too. 

Both of my amazing children have food allergies. We manage peanut and tree nut allergies along with a rare banana allergy. We have outgrown a dairy allergy and have recently added some environmental allergies to our list including various tree pollens and dog dander. 

Allergies can be really tough. There is so much to learn and I quickly experienced that managing food allergies is so much more complex than simply not eating that food. I really care about the other families that are navigating this too. I care about your family’s journey. 

This blog is meant to organize what I’ve learned in a way that might make your journey a little easier. Whether it’s questions about allergy appointments, playdates, vacations, what to do when your kids have different allergies, how to deal with family members, and everything in between, I’m here for you as a fellow momma and friend.

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Meet Katie

Mom of 2 amazing littles who also have food allergies <3

When I first got confirmation that my child had a food allergy, I was truly at a loss on what to do. As I researched what a food allergy meant for my child and our family, I felt like I was drowning in information. 

I was suddenly having to think about the symptoms of anaphylaxis and reading labels not just for all foods, but shampoo, sunscreen, and even stuffed animals! I am not lying when I say that there were nights that I laid awake because I felt paralyzed by fear. Suddenly, keeping my child safe was a lot more complicated and I had no idea if I was doing anything right. 

Not a single one of my friends were dealing with food allergies. My allergist did not have any information on local support groups. I felt utterly alone.  

Thankfully, over the years, I have learned a plethora of information about how to manage life with food allergies. I’ve also gained new friendships with people that struggle with food allergies or intolerances. 

When I first met Lauren, it was an answer to a desperate prayer of needing to connect with someone that understood my day-to-day life of managing severe food allergies, especially with toddlers. Between our two households, we deal with allergens to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy (outgrown), eggs, bananas, and sesame seeds.  

Lauren approached me with the idea of working on a food allergy blog to help other families. Honestly, I loved the idea! If I can help another mother (or father) feel less alone and scared, then I absolutely want to be a part of that. 

I hope that this blog can provide you with helpful links and also reassure you that you are not in this alone.  


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