50 Non-Food Ideas for Easter Baskets

Wondering how to make an awesome Easter basket for your kiddo with food allergies? Or maybe you would like a little less sugar this year. Either way, let the fun begin!

Here are 50 non-food ideas for this year’s Easter basket, organized for you by category. Because I’m Type A and I can’t help myself.

I also included links for you to see some of our favorites. However, none of them are affiliate links. These items are genuinely things that our family loves and we wanted to share them with you!

Summer Fun Ideas

I like to fill our Easter baskets with things I know we will definitely use! With summer coming up, here are some of our favorites.

1. Swim Suit

Bring on the pool, splash pads, or days at the beach. My kids have always grown into the next size swimsuit for the summer and they love getting new ones!

2. Beach Towels

Does anyone else feel like you never have enough towels? These are cute to roll up in the basket and is something we will definitely use over the summer. Target, Walmart, and Amazon all have great options and you could even try to include your child’s favorite characters, colors, etc.

Seriously though where are my towels?

3. Sunglasses

My kiddos are always reaching for mine and they were so excited to get their own!

4. Sun Hats

At the zoo, the park, the playground, the beach, we are in sun hats all summer long!

5. Sandals or Water Socks

I am always amazed at the new size of my kids’ feet. They grow so fast and we are always ready for a new pair of sandals.

Water socks have come in so handy at splash pads, water parks, and even the pool. I love having some protection over my kids feet.

6. Water Bottle

This is a year-round essential for us so by the time Easter comes, we are ready for a fresh one!

We did eventually cave and get the Yeti Rambler Kids water bottle. It’s more expensive, and it’s heavy, but the stainless steel is so nice and actually holds up!

7. New Summer Clothes

My kids are growing faster than I can blink. Anyone else? We are always ready for the next size up in summer clothes and the outfits are so cute to roll up in their Easter baskets.

8. Sand Toys

Bring on the buckets and shovels and let the sand castle making begin!

9. Squirt Guns

Full honesty, I am uncomfortable with toy guns. It’s just a personal thing, but I know a lot of families like squirt guns and they make a fun summer staple.

I like these ones because their shape and colors look more like a toy.

10. Swim Goggles

You could get them for days at the pool or go for the fun snorkel ones!

Sentimental Ideas

11. A Handwritten Note or Card

The note could be from Mom and/or Dad and/or the Easter Bunny. There is just something special about a personal note. It could be a note of encouragement, a fun note, or a note detailing what you love about your child. You could even write about what the Easter holiday means to your family or perhaps explain specific Easter traditions passed down from generations before. The note could be anything you want!

12. A Bible

The Beginner’s Bible is a children’s version that we love! Pocket-Sized Bibles are fun too. We also love the NIV Adventure Bible.

13. A Journal

For older kids, it can be nice to have a place to write or doodle. For your younger ones, these are so fun to capture their drawings. My kids love to keep their stickers in a journal.

14. Printed Photos

Some printed family pictures or even a small photo album can be a sweet keepsake.

15. Disposable camera

Yes. Disposable cameras. Like from way back when we were kids. I cannot believe these are popular again. I ran into two teens at a playground while with my kids. They were taking pictures with a Kodak camera.

Having not done this or seen anyone do this since I was 13, I had to discuss this with them and was informed that yes, this is once again, “cool.”

16. Necklaces/Bracelets/Rings

Some of my favorites are mommy and me bracelets for when the kids are in a class or if I’m gone. I’ve also made the kids our own matching bracelets with a friendship bracelet kit.

Artsy Ideas

I love bringing out the creative side of my little ones. Here are some ideas for your artsy little ones.

17. Stickers

My kids love stickers. For another idea, they each have a sticker book to put their stickers in for their “sticker collection.”

18. Coloring Books

A classic!

19. Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils

I have found allergens in the strangest of places, including in art supplies. I really appreciate Crayola’s allergen statement for their products!

Heads up for soy and wheat allergy families, those ingredients are not included in the list of what their products are free from.

20. Stamps

One fun thing we’ve done with stamps is to cover an entire table with white craft paper, and then stamp away (and color/draw)! It’s great for a kids table if you’re hosting Easter!

The Melissa and Doug Stamp Kits are also really cute for the Easter baskets.

21. Water Paint

Got any summer road trips coming up? We love these portable paint pads. We use them at home too. Melissa & Doug Water Wow.

22. Water Colors & Paint Brushes

Fresh paints for spring!

23. Friendship Bracelet Kit

I am convinced I had this exact same friendship bracelet kit from Klutz when I was a kid. The older kids will love making their own. My kiddos are little, so I used the kit to make us matching mommy and me bracelets.

Outdoorsy Ideas

One of our goals this year as a family is to spend 1,000 hours outside in 2023. We will definitely be filling our Easter baskets with things to help us with our goal this year! Here are a few ideas:

24. Sidewalk Chalk

Dairy-allergy families, some dustless chalk does have milk in it. Crayola has an allergy statement that is helpful.

25. Jump Ropes

Another classic!

26. Bubbles

We did bubbles last Easter for our toddlers and it was pure magic!

27. Magnifying Glasses

Bring out your child’s inner explorer! Perfect for the backyard or bring it along on a nature hike.

28. Binoculars

When we were at a State Park, the rangers gave my kids a pair of kid binoculars for their nature hike. This was a HIT!

29. Nerf Balls

Anyone else grow up in the 90s? You might remember the commercial, “It’s Nerf or NOTHIN!”

Lots of outdoor fun to be had.

30. Stomp Rocket

Okay, fine. You may or may not be able to fit this in your kid’s Easter Basket. But it’s so much fun! Original Stomp Rocket.

31. Kite

Let’s go fly a kite!


Looking for less stuff and more quality time? Here are some ideas:

32. Tickets

These could be to the zoo, the museum, a special event, exhibit, amusement park, or a concert.

33. Treasure Map

This could be a map to something you’ve hidden in the house. My kids absolutely love it! You could also have it be a map to the playground, the park, or anywhere they would enjoy!

34. Certificate to Summer Activity

This could be for a camp, swim lessons, pool day, activity day, etc.

35. Summer Vacation Announcement

Are you planning a trip this year? The big reveal could be in the Easter basket!


Let the games begin!

36. Easter Eggs with Toys Inside

I found so many different options for this! There are ones with Disney princesses, construction trucks, dinosaur race cars, etc. I like these ones which have little trains inside!

37. Books

My kids love books. Little Blue Truck, Llama Llama, Thomas the Train, Daniel Tiger, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, The Gruffalo, are some just to name a few.

What do your kids love?

You could also get a jump start on that summer reading list!

38. Puzzles

We love these solid jigsaw pieces from Melissa and Doug that come in a little wooden box with 4 puzzles in one. For your older kids, you could also go with a Rubiks Cube.

39. Gift Card

Is there a special place you could take your kiddo to shop?

40. Kaleidoscope

Remember kaleidoscopes?? So fun! Amazon has a bunch to choose from.

41. Race Cars

We are now officially in the Hot Wheels phase yet at our house.

42. Pop It

This is an awesome fidget toy! It’s great for the car or anywhere really. My kiddos love them. Pop It Fidget and Sensory Game

43. Bouncy Balls

My kiddo got to have a bouncy ball out of a toy “gumball” machine after the dentist. You would have thought he won the lottery! Sometimes the simplest toys are the most fun.

44. Slinky

A forgotten gem! Original Slinky

45. Plush Beanie Babies

My kiddos adore these! They are precious and miniature; great for your Easter basket this year! Here’s the White Tiger one.

46. Small Lego Set

Any other Lego fans? There are a million choices. Our family loves building Lego sets together!

47. Uno

A classic family game!

48. Matching Card Games

Dinosaur Matching games. Disney Princess Matching games. If it’s a memory game, we’re playing it!

49. Go Fish

A family favorite card game.

50. Fidget Toys

Fidget spinners, squishy balls, snake puzzles, click toys, so many options!

I hope you enjoy these food-free ideas! Happy early Easter to you and your family!


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