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How am I going to talk to my son about his food allergies?

This question became ever persistent in my thoughts after our first year as a food allergy family. The first year had felt like I was drinking from a fire hose.

I knew basically nothing about food allergies prior to my sons’s diagnosis. EpiPens, anaphylaxis, cross-contact, cooking, food challenges, and just managing social interactions in general were all so new for us with food allergies.

If that’s you right now, we just want to say that it will get easier with time. We put together a list of resources we wish we had had in the beginning. Check it out here:

After the first year, I felt like I could come up for air and started thinking about how I was going to equip my son to manage his food allergies. After all, if we can’t get a cure, then the goal is to equip my son to eventually be independent with his food allergies.

The first step towards this is talking to our kids about their food allergies. And the great news is there are some AWESOME books to help facilitate these conversations.

Here is the list of books including links! None of the links are affiliate links, we just linked them to make your lives easier. 😊

The Book List – By Category

Newly Diagnosed

These first few books are GREAT for introducing the conversation about of food allergies.

1. Daniel Has an Allergy – Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
2. The Bugabees: Friends with Food Allergies – Amy Recob
3. My Perfect Cupcake – Rebecca Greene

Managing Allergies Outside of Home

These next books are fantastic for starting conversations about managing food allergies in different settings like school or daycare.

4. Taking Food Allergies to School – Ellen Weiner
5. Bentley Goes to School – Emily Sorenson
6. Lucas Takes His Food Allergies to Daycare – Megan Herr
7. Eppie the Elephant – Livingstone Crouse
8. ABC Is that Safe For Me? – Diane Lynn Marunczak

Building Confidence

These books are great for promoting confidence in living life with food allergies! I want my kids to know that food allergies or not, they can live their very best lives!

9. Nutley, The Nut Free Squirrel – Stephanie Sorkin
10. Allergy Possible – Monique Faella
11. Can You? A Food Allergy Story – Emily Duty

Food Allergy Advocacy

Self-Advocacy is an important theme in the next two books, which I love for our kids.

12. The Allergic Princess – Jennifer Chung and Keira Chung
13. Nicholas’ Nut Free Christmas by Danielle Lynn

Teaching Others About Allergies

These books are great for promoting advocacy and educating others on how to support people with food allergies. These would be great to read with family, friends, and even bring in to read to the class

14. The Princess and the Peanut Allergy – Wendy McClure
15. Someone in Our Class Has Food Allergies – Hailee Oman
16. Be A Food Allergy Helper – Lisa Woodruff
17. Charley Learns About Her Food Allergies by Katie Holl

Talking About Emotions

Another book collection that I really love isn’t specific to food allergies, but focuses on helping kids identify and manage different emotions. For example, children might feel anxiety, sadness, frustration, and even anger.

I believe having my kids fully in tune with their emotions is vital. Furthermore, knowing how to validate themselves and use healthy coping skills will help them in navigating life with food allergies.

These books also talk about building confidence, which I love.

My kids call them the “Peaceful Spot Books.” Here they are!

18. A Little Spot of Emotion 8 Book Box Set – Diane Alber

We hope this is helpful to you!

As always, we are in your corner, cheering you on!


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