20 Food Allergy Conscious Brands

My daughter was first diagnosed with food allergies before the age of one. Then, my son was just two months shy of his first birthday when he was also diagnosed with a food allergy.

Hence, my family manages 3 food allergens for 2 children, aged 5 and under. 😳

Anyone that is a parent knows how difficult it can be to get children to eat their food. Even just trying new foods, or snacks, is often a “heck-to-the-no” from both of my kids.

Adding life-threatening food allergies into the mix is just anther added level of complicated. I feed my children three meals a day, give or take a few thousand snacks too!

Constantly prepping safe food throughout the day is tough. I can do it, but it’s a lot. That’s why I really wanted to find safe snack options from allergy conscious brands that my kids would actually eat.

Here is a list of some of our favorite food allergy aware companies!

NOTE: Not all these products are safe for us, but they are included on the list because other food allergy moms rave about them! Please conduct your own research & reach out to these brands to see if they are a safe option for your family.

1. Yum Earth

My children love the suckers and giggles candy from this company. Safe candy is so important to find. It’s especially helpful during Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day!

2. Made Good

Seriously, this company is our FAVORITE! We eat their food bars, oatmeal bites, crackers, crispy squares, ect. The kids are constantly asking when our next shipment is arriving.

3. Gerbs Allergy Friendly Foods

We are still in the process of trying all their products, but their seed mix is one my husband loves to use on his oatmeal in the mornings! Bonus points that it’s safe for the kids if they every want to try it!

4. Free2B

Many food allergy moms sing praises to this company! We have not tried them yet, but their mini sunbutter cups are on our list!

5. That’s It

Their fruit bars have minimal ingredients. It’s the BEST.

6. Nature’s Bakery

Lauren’s family introduced us to these! They have snack bars made in peanut and tree nut free facilities. We have only tried their fig bars and oatmeal crumble bars. They are fantastic! I believe they have gluten free options as well.

7. No Whey Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates free from the Top 9 allergens!?

8. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

We love ordering nut free chocolates for the holidays from this company!

9. Oat Haus

Nine different granola butter flavors are offered! Check out their website!

10. Enjoy Life

This is one of our children’s favorites! Truthfully, we probably eat 2 bags of chocolate chips from this company each week.

11. Every Body Eat

I have really come to enjoy this brand. They sell both snack thins and crispbread, but my absolute favorite is the Fiery Chili Lime thins! My kids dislike all things spice, but the cheese flavored ones are a win!

12. Partake

Breakfast mixes, cookies, and snack packs are a few main products that they sell! Love their clear and concise allergen information.

13. Allergy Smart

These prepackaged cookies are handy for school lunches!

14. Rule Breaker

My kids love the variety packs!

15. Zego

Zego sells fruit and veggie bars, protein powder, and many other products!

16. Nature’s Turn

These Top 11 free snacks are surprisingly addictive! My family loves the freeze dried strawberries the best!

17. Safely Delicious

This awesome company sells snack packs, dessert bites, and more. Their classic bites bag is a must try! My kids can eat it in one sitting!

18. Blake’s Seed Based

We hear so many great things about Blake’s food bars! There are many different kinds that they offer. Definitely check them out!

19. Creative Nature (UK Based)

This one is for our UK friends! Creative Nature is a company that we interact with on social media. Though we have not tried their products, we can clearly see how much they care about food allergy families and safety. Plus they are Top 14 free!

20. 88Acres

This company sells Top 9 free food bars, seed & oatmeal clusters, plus butters! Cruising their website is worth it!

A Few More Resources

Snack Safely

Snack Safely is a fantastic resource! They compile various guides that help you navigate which food brands meet your child’s specific needs. For example, if your child has a dairy allergy, they have a guide to help you find dairy-free brands.

They are also organized by food category. So if you need to find bread that meets the needs of your child with egg allergies, you can search the guides for bread and find brands that meet that need. I have found this to be incredibly helpful for finding new favorite brands for our family.

Snack Safely also releases guides for helping you navigate finding candy for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.


This app is SO handy to have on your phone. It was created by a fellow food allergy momma, Susie Hultquist, after her oldest daughter was diagnosed.

Spokin can also help you find new brands. We highly encourage you to download it and check it out!

We hope this was helpful to you!


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