50 Non-Food Ideas for Trick or Treat

Looking for non-food items to hand out to trick-or-treaters this year? We’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of 50 non-food ideas! We wanted to give you a variety of options for both the amount of trick-or-treaters you may be planning for as well as a range in cost.

Each option has a link to Amazon. None of these are affiliate links. They are there to give you ideas!


1. Glow Sticks

These were a hit when we gave them out to trick-or-treaters. It’s fun because the kids can wear them right away while they trick-or-treat!

2. Bubble Wands

A classic! The link above is for ones that are Halloween-themed.

3. Mini Pop KeyChain

The pop games are totally a thing right now and these ones are adorable Halloween-themed keychains!

4. Stress Balls

There is such a range of these available on Amazon. The ones linked above are specifically for Halloween, but you could do so many different types and definitely bring the cost down if you are expecting a lot of Trick-Or-Treaters.

5. Bouncy Balls

I don’t know why bouncy balls are so much fun, but they are! The ones above also glow in the dark!

6. Water Bottle Stickers

These are especially fun for your older kids. There are a million options for this! You could do Halloween ones, special characters, words, movie-themes, etc.

7. Spider Rings

An oldie, but a goodie!

8. Fang Teeth

Is it even Halloween if a bowl of these aren’t sitting out somewhere?

9. Mini Animals

This is fun because the kids can choose which animal they want!

10. Mini Dinosaurs

Roar! So many dinosaurs! The little ones especially like this.

11. Light up Bracelets

Like the glow sticks, these are super fun for when the kids are out trick-or-treating at night!

12. Stretchy Skeletons

These fun skeletons apparently stretch out up to 2 feet!

13. Halloween Slap Bracelets

Why are slap bracelets so much fun?!

14. Glow in the Dark Bugs

These are super fun and can be made into a necklace.

15. Make a Face Sticker Sheets

So cute! These are individual sheets where the kids can decorate a pumpkin by making 3 different faces.

16. Pocket Frisbees

This one is a hit for kids any age, even the teenagers!

17. Finger Skateboards

This is another great option for all ages!

18. Halloween Erasers

I like to pair these fun erasers with a Halloween pencil!

19. Halloween Pencils

These are cute and useful!

20. Pumpkin Bricks

These are a cute Lego-like pumpkin puzzle. Heads up, these are pricier than typical bulk items.

21. Halloween Crayons

Each of these comes in a pack of 4!

22. Halloween Coloring Books

These are mini individual 6 page coloring books with a Halloween theme.

23. Squishy Toys

These are cute, mini Halloween-themed squish toys. There are also so many mini stress toys that could be fun too!

24. Mini Slinky

Everyone needs a slinky and these ones are Halloween-themed.

25. Pokemon Cards

I remember this from when we were kids and I definitely did not know this was still a thing!

26. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

My kids are not into this yet, but if you have a kiddo who is, this would be a hit!

27. Gel Pens

These are cute and Halloween-themed!

28. Spiral Notepads

Cute, individual notepads that are Halloween-themed. This could also be fun to pair with themed pens or golf pencils.

29. Stretchy Bracelets

Multi-colored, Halloween-themed stretchy bracelets that are also a great sensory toy!

30. Mini Puzzles

Individual, Halloween-themed jigsaw puzzles!

31. Mini Cube Puzzle

A mini Rubik’s-cube type puzzle.

32. Jumping Popper Toys

Mini spring-launchers and the link above is to Halloween-themed ones.

33. Water Growing Dinosaurs

I loved these when I was a kid. This is a fun one for the kids to take home.

34. Water Growing Sea Creatures

The water growing toys are just so fun I had to put more than 1 option.

35. Mini Flashlights

It’s so fun that the kids can use these right way while trick-or-treating! Just be sure to let the parents of the really little kids know about the battery.

36. Mini Cars

The cars pull back to launch them and it’s fun for the kids to get to pick which one they like.

37. Stretchy Strings

Another great sensory-toy option and they can also tie into a bracelet.

38. LED Light Up Rings

So fun when it’s night time and these glow!

39. Zipper Bracelets

If you’re looking for fun Halloween accessories that aren’t LED, these are great!

40. Character Masks

There are a huge variety of these available. If you search “masks party favors” on Amazon, you will see a bunch of options at different price points. Here are a few fun categories:




41. Halloween Bookmarks

Cute and something they can use later!

42. Mini Kaleidoscopes

Remember kaleidoscopes?? FUN!

43. Googly Eye Rings

I’m sorry, but I think these are hilarious!

44. Halloween Whistles

Although the parents might not be thrilled, the kids will love this!

45. Halloween Plush Keychain

I’m definitely a fan of cute vs scary on Halloween and these are really cute!

46. Finger Slingshot Toys

These look fun!

47. Silly Straws

Silly straws are always a hit! The ones linked above are on theme and also reusable. There are so many options on Amazon at a variety of different price points too!

48. Sticky Hands

A classic!

49. Mini Puzzle Book

These are individual activity books with games and puzzles. You could also get golf pencils to go with it.

50. Mini Plushies

Sooo cute!

So there you have it, 50 non-food ideas for Trick-Or-Treating.

I hope it’s helpful!

Looking forward to a safe, allergy-friendly Halloween!


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