Our Top Favorite Allergy Recipe Resources

When my daughter was diagnosed with a peanut allergy, I scoured the internet looking for safe recipes. Then I did so again when our sesame and egg allergies followed in the years to come.

It was SOOOO much work to find safe brands and meal recipes.

I’ve not always been very tech savvy either, so it took a long time for me to find resources that worked for our family.

In fact, it was when I started this blog with Lauren that I finally felt like I had enough places to turn to for help. Cause let’s face it, I’m not the most enthusiastic or creative cook. >.<

We hope this list of AMAZING food allergy recipe accounts are helpful to you! If it saves you some time and energy, then it is an absolute win!

Online Blogs & Websites

Friendly Pantry

The Friendly Pantry website is run by fellow food allergy momma Corinna. She not only has recipes on her blog, but she also runs an online shop where she sells a range of items that are designed to uplift food allergy families.

Honestly, I love all her stuff. I actually purchased a print from her shop that I framed and hung in my house. I read it every day as I have my morning coffee. It helps me start my day off right.

You can almost hear the kindness in her voice as you read her writing. Corinna genuinely cares for other food allergy families and desires to encourage them.

She’s the type of food allergy mom that I wish I could have run to for comfort when we were first diagnosed.

Our family LOVES the honey garlic chicken wing recipe Corinna provides! She has so many free recipes and even a FREE e-book of recipes that are top allergen free! Check it out HERE.

I linked her website above, but you can also follow her on Instagram @friendlypantry.

Black Allergy Mama

Renia is another food allergy momma that we love. This amazing woman walks and talks with the type of confidence that makes people stop and take notice.

Her website and her Instagram (@blackallergymama) show how deeply Renia cares for her child with food allergies. She has worked hard to empower her family and create an inclusive environment in which her kiddo can eat delicious food.

We highly encourage you to read her thoughts and watch her videos. We’ve learned a lot from her!

Renia has also created a plethora of amazing major allergen free recipes for families to enjoy. We recently tried her blueberry muffins with brown sugar crumb topping. *Insert drool here.*

In short, the muffins didn’t last very long! My kids gobbled them down like they had never been fed before.

Definitely take a look at her recipes to see if they work for your family!

Allergic Living

The link above will take you straight to the recipe section of Allergic Living Magazine’s website.

Basically, any type of recipe you want can be found on their page. They have hearty soups, swoon worthy desserts, and countless meal ideas.

You can click their “advanced recipe search” button and sort by allergen, season of the year, and even by food course type.

They make it so easy to find great recipes for our family!

The Asian Allergy Mom

My family LOVES eating Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and countless other dishes from Asian countries. And when I say love, I mean absolute adoration. As in we could eat them for every meal, no matter the time of day.

However, many different restaurants that we used to frequent in our city use peanuts and sesame in their kitchens. Right now, we just don’t feel comfortable eating out hardly at all. Secondly, we also were not very confident in attempting to recreate our favorite Asian dishes at home.

Enter The Asian Allergy Mom!

Ina is so much fun and her personality is so welcoming. In fact, her desire to help other food allergy families enjoy Asian dishes is so authentic that you’ll want to reach through your computer screen and hug her!

Ina’s website is full of recipes that are simple and easy to make. And the best part is that they are absolutely delicious! I honestly feel like she empowered our family to try new ways of cooking.

Another thing I love about Ina is that she often includes substitute ideas in her recipes. Her family is able to eat sesame, so if her recipe calls for it, we just omit it or swap sesame oil for a different oil.

Our favorite recipe from her website is her kid-friendly ddukbokki. We actually use rice instead of the rice cakes only because we still have yet to find a safe brand from cross-contact. But my kids could care less! This is one of their favorite meals now and Ina helped us get there.

Check out Ina’s website and follow her on Instagram. Her handle is @theasianallergymom.

The Dairy Free Mum

If you are managing dairy allergies specifically, fellow food allergy mom Kate has a great website. Many of her recipes do contain other top allergens, but they can be easily substituted.

Lauren here for a minute! When my son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy a couple months after his peanut and tree nut allergy diagnosis, I really felt lost. It felt like dairy was in absolutely everything, even more so than the nuts.

Over time I figured out how to substitute for dairy more easily and found some non-dairy products but my husband and I had trouble with the taste. My son however loved it so we ran with it!

But I really know firsthand how difficult removing dairy from the diet can be and Kate does a beautiful job offering delicious, dairy-free recipes.

Follow her on Instagram for access to her recipes as well! Her handle is @thedairyfreemum.

Food Allergy Cookbooks

I remember one particularly horrible day a few years ago when my food allergy stress was through the roof.

Though I tried, I could not stop crying. My heart was racing and my chest was hurting so bad that I actually looked up heart attack symptoms.

Thinking back, I can now identify it as a time I experienced an anxiety attack.

When I’m really upset, my mom is usually the first person I call. And like an angel, she calmly and compassionately listens to my hot mess express meltdown.

However, my sweet mom is not one to sit idly by when things happen to her family.

She listened to me and validated all the hard things I was trying to figure out as a food allergy mom. Then, she immediately hopped online and researched the best allergy cookbooks out there on the market.

My mom found these particular cookbooks for my family. The links below are not affiliate links. They are what my family used and still uses on a regular basis.

  • Cybele Pascal’s Allergy Free and Easy Cooking is hands down my favorite cookbook of all time! Be sure to read the introduction. I cried as I read Cybele’s story. I felt so seen and understood. Though her recipes are top 9 free, you can use safe ingredients for your family. For example, if dairy is safe for your family, use regular dairy products in place of the diary free products.
  • Fiona Heggie and Ellie Lux wrote a fantastic cookbook together called The Allergy-Free Family Cookbook. Again, many of these recipes are major allergen free, but you can substitute your safe ingriedents. (Example: if wheat works for your family, replace the wheat free products with wheat ones.)

Instagram Accounts We Follow

Before starting this blog with Lauren, I did not have an account on Instagram. Boy, do I regret that now! Some of the best resources I have found have been introduced to me via Instagram.

We have found some amazing allergy friendly recipes from specific accounts. Here are a few groups we love to follow!

  • @twoalphagals – Candice and Debbie both have alpha-gal syndrome, which is an allergy to the sugar molecule found in most mammalian animals. Their account is fantastic! They post many recipes – many of which we have tried ourselves! We love their sautéed citrus green beans! Definitely check them out!
  • @kingarthurbaking – We love this company because of their allergen protocols, statements, and customer service. If wheat is not an allergen for your family, follow them on Instagram for amazing recipes! Everything from bread, desserts, and pizza crust can be found on their account.
  • @aneasyjourney – Cindi is a veteran food allergy mom with a ton of wisdom. Seriously, I wish I could hire her as my personal mentor mom! Her account focuses on traveling with food allergies as well as a few other aspects of food allergy living. She also posts recipes that are incredible! Her key west lime pie is on our list of must tries! Cindi does have a section for recipes on her website as well. Find it HERE.

We Hope This Helped You

Lauren and I know all too well that walking this food allergy journey can be tough at times, especially after a new diagnosis or a food allergy scare.

We hope these resources will help take something off your already full plate.

Please feel free to ask questions below or let us know if we missed a vital recipe resource!


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