20 Non-Food Valentine’s Day Cards

Looking for non-food items to hand out to your child’s classmates this year? We’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of 20 non-food ideas! We not only wanted to give you a variety of affordable options to explore with your kiddo, but ones that already had the greeting cards included as well!

Each option has a link to Amazon. None of these are affiliate links. They are there to give you ideas!

Happy Valentine’s Day planning!

1. Stationary Gift Sets

We love this Valentine-themed stationary gift set on Amazon! Each child in a classroom can have their own eraser, pencil, booklet, sticker set, and card! How cute is that?! And you get so many items in this bulk set instead of candy! Win-win!

2. Heart Shaped Pop-Its

Love these cute pop-it toys! Bonus points for it being prepackaged with the Valentine card! No extra effort required besides your child signing the cards.

3. Pokemon Keychains

My tutoring students LOVE all things Pokemon. These Valentine keychains are so much fun for kids to put on their backpacks!

4. Friendship Bracelets

These heart ornament friendship bracelets are sooooo precious! 😍

5. Crazy Straws

What a cute idea! These Valentine cards are “ex-straw” colorful and creative!

6. Foam Airplanes

One of my students passed out these toy planes in his 3rd grade classroom and they were a huge hit!

7. Squishy Toys

These adorable animal themed squish toys have us squealing! I need that baby rhino in my life!

8. Dinosaur Eggs That Hatch

Place these dino eggs in water and watch them “hatch” into a baby dinosaur that grows!

9. LED Space Finger Lights

LED lights are popular with most students, so definitely check these out!

10. Dino Building Block Trinkets

We thought these building kits were unique because the kids actually get to assemble the blocks to make their dinosaur! However, there is a skin tattoo included in this kit, so be weary of possible hidden allergens in that.

11. Bug Building Block Trinkets

I’ve never wanted this many bugs in my house before, but I think I can get on board with these little cuties!

12. Animal Building Block Trinkets

More building block fun with these animal critters! I’m actually tempted to buy these for myself to build instead of my kids.

13. Video Game Keychains

These are fun keychains that would be a hit for upper elementary aged students!

14. Finger Flick Sports Cards

Another great pick for upper elementary grades, these cards turn into small sport venues!

15. Mini Animal Plushes

Miniature stuffed animals on a keychain? Yes, please!

16. Lego Star Wars Toys

May the Force be with you! Your child will love passing these out to their friends!

17. Toy Flower Kit

These flower bouquet building kits are super unique! My daughter would probably love getting this as a Valentine’s gift.

18. Finger Spinners

Fidget spinners have been on the rage for years, so these small and colorful finger spinners are a crowd pleaser for all ages.

19. Bubble Wands

A classic! Kids will love blowing bubbles after getting these cute wands as a Valentine’s gift.

20. Toy Cars

Vroom, Vroom! Speed on over to Amazon to check out these awesome toy car Valentine cards! If my son were in school, I can guarantee this would be his favorite Valentine’s gift!

We hope you have a fun Valentine’s Day!

Let us know if these options worked well for your family.

Wishing you and your children a fun and safe holiday experience!


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